How GSUA Helps Your League

We know that league administrators have lots of things to worry about — from scheduling games and fields to generating revenue from snack bars and fundraisers. Why worry about recruiting, training, and scheduling umpires? The Granite State Umpires Association removes that headache and ensures that you have qualified umpires to officiate all of your games.

  • We handle scheduling. All you need to do is give us your schedule of games, and we’ll make sure you have umpires there on time.
  • We handle recruiting. Eliminate the hassle of begging for volunteers or hunting high and low to find professional umpires. We have a roster of more than 100 qualified umpires who stand ready to officiate your games.
  • We handle training. Our members know the rules and mechanics needed for your games. You don’t need to be concerned about volunteers who may not know exactly when to invoke the infield fly rule or how to properly award bases on an overthrow.
  • We simplify payment. The GSUA can handle all of the payment of officials so you don’t have to worry about having the payment ready at home plate for each game.

Request a service proposal from GSUA to learn how we can help your league.